We Offer SharePoint Development Services to Transorm your Business

Microsoft SharePoint is a business collaboration platform. It facilitates document management and content sharing to enable effective decision-making. EmphoSys is on the forefront to offer best-in-class enterprise Microsoft SharePoint development solutions. We help create and host sites & web applications from mid-sized to large enterprises.

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Our SharePoint / SharePoint online expertise

Business Process Automation

With SharePoint, we advance productivity by translating manual routines - from simple tasks to complex procedures - into fully automated operations. This approach boosts on-site performance by shortening workflow cycles, fostering teamwork transparency and eliminating the risk of human error.

Add-ins development

EmphoSys develops custom add-ins to enhance your existent SharePoint solution. Depending on the client’s needs the add-ins can range from simple UI commands to full-page apps. We use both the internal SharePoint components (e.g. web parts or workflows) and third-party options (web services, web applications etc.).

SharePoint Business Solutions

We match our services with your business specifics and take advantage of the platform’s flexibility to deliver reliable solutions for multi-level corporate engagement and smart data management.

Content/Knowledge Management

SharePoint-based content/knowledge management aids organizations in adopting a modern approach to knowledge gathering, classification, searching, sharing, and reuse. Be it customized wiki libraries, a dedicated portal, or just a tool integrated into your infrastructure, our team applies high-level security practices for safe storage and effective decision making.

Web/Intranet Portals

We create feature-packed web and intranet SharePoint portals that grant users a powerful toolkit to facilitate collaboration. Depending on your business requirements and culture, we come up with tailored SharePoint architecture coupled with first-class security controls for correct operation without compromising user experience and interface appeal.

Document Management

With SharePoint, we build electronic document management systems that enable centralized control over all enterprise files. The transition to automated document processing prevents data loss and unauthorized usage. Rich metadata and smart data structuring allow for easy searching, editing, and secure storage, thus turning a platform into a shared virtual workspace.

Consulting + Customization

Offering consulting and customization services, we encourage businesses to realize the full potential of the SharePoint platform. We understand all the ins-and-outs of SharePoint deployment and can advise you on the optimal software & hardware stack as well as on the ways to improve overall platform performance, usability and security for maximum return on investment.

Custom SharePoint Development

Following the individual roadmap, our skilled SharePoint developers can either reshape ready-made platform elements into a unique product or integrate new custom features into already running systems, optimizing the legacy architecture for further scalability. We also engage in end-to-end customization of SharePoint components like add-ins & web parts as well as workflows, timer jobs, event receivers, field types, etc.


SharePoint integration with other enterprise systems is an essential stage of many professional projects. Utilizing third-party functionalities, we build an inclusive SharePoint environment which operates as a centralized repository for all enterprise data and allows for uninterrupted workflows and clarity. Based on the business type and goals, we can enable interoperability of your SharePoint with other corporate software(ERP, CRM, EHR, ECM, BI, Salesforce, SAP, Jira, etc.), custom solutions, and Microsoft cloud-based platforms.

UI / Branding

We focus on delivering consistent brand experience within the company. To achieve this, we customize default master pages, layouts, and CSS patterns in line with corporate identity and the most recent design trends. We can also create unique UI templates that can be deployed across other SharePoint sites, retaining all custom features and brand styling.

SharePoint-based apps development

The instant mobile availability of corporate data is a critical necessity for medium and large businesses that require 24/7 employee involvement. Our SharePoint developers create mobile apps that talk to SharePoint and connect with its lists and libraries to enable constant content access. Be it a business trip, a meeting or a sick absence, with a SharePoint-based mobile app, teams should no longer drop out of the work cycles and can complete tasks of any complexity irrespective of their location and device.


Providing easy and secure accessibility to the content. Collaborate easily with business partners through extranets and intranet portals. Our Custom SharePoint Development solutions support the operational needs of a department, business, Line of Business, corporate functions.
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