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MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS (or Angular), and Node.js. Due to its integral flexibility, and ease of use for JavaScript development that allows swift development MEAN stack is immovably gaining popularity around the globe.

MEAN is a combination of four software components that are used in the front-end as well as in the back-end development. As MEAN is a JavaScript software platform, all the components are based on JavaScript that leads to flexibility and ease of development.

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Services we offer in MEAN Development

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    EmphoSys has highly proficient and experienced MongoDB developers who use a collaborative approach to provide a wide spectrum of MongoDB development services, including MongoDB consulting, architecture strategy and design, MongoDB implementation, MongoDB integration, etc.

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    Express JS

    Our Certified Express JS experts builds dynamic portal applications and APIs using ExpressJS, a Node.js web application framework. Our ExpressJS developers have hands-on experience in using Express JS as a server-side framework to build RESTful APIs faster and deliver simple to complex projects in the stipulated time period.

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    Being a trusted Angular company, Infoxen specializes in well-structured, cross-platform, data-driven, and highly interactive web and mobile app development using Angular. We also possess expertise in creating single page web apps and rich portal user interfaces. Hire our Angular developers for rich feature web apps and portals.

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    We, at, EmphoSys use Node.js, which is an open-source and cross-platform web development framework, for building seamlessly lightweight, scalable and high-performance web applications. Our NodeJS developers offer end-to-end Node.js consulting, development, migration, and team augmentation services. Hire our Node.JS developers and unleash the potential of web applications, as they deliver the best-in-class web apps.

Scale up your business to a whole new level by our Mean Stack Development Services


MEAN Stack Application Development Solution

Our dedicated team of developers provides a seamless and swift mode working web app to cater to your needs in the most proficient manner. What's more, they also add significance to your project and make it lucrative to a more significant extent.


MEAN Stack Website Development Solution

We have professionals who are capable of creating versatile MEAN stack websites which can smoothly run on multiple platforms. Furthermore, websites produced by our proficient programmers have an appealing look and always rank high on the search engine such as Google.

Enterprise MEAN Stack Development Solution

Our developers are proficient in JavaScript, which helps the clients to provide automotive real-time connectivity to fuel your business growth and also to handle high-intensity workloads.


MEAN Stack CMS Development Solution

We have experienced experts who utilize the given technology to create a robust, intuitive and efficient CMS platform to boost your business prospects and offer them with higher RORs.

Migration & Porting to MEAN Stack Solution

It is highly advantageous if you perform the migration of your apps using the software bundles of the MEAN stack. Avail the services of our technically-sound professionals and provide your web app with a new lease of life by successfully porting your business platforms and apps over the frameworks based on the given technology.


MEAN Stack E-Commerce Website Development Solution

Want to enhance your online business, the time has ripened to hire our service as we are the best among the node js development services to develop a capable eCommerce store to boost your sales and revenue to a greater extent.

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