Meetings and Web Conferencing Software Development

In this technology realm, the business market highlights: 87% of the individuals in the corporate world work on distributed teams either domestically or internationally. 94% of the workforce considers that they can work well from home. 95% business experts believe that face-to-face communication tends to enhance the quality of communication. Considering the stats we understand that now, the dispersed business stipulates the need for virtual collaboration. As all enterprises fall in the same cognizance of enhancing their profitability at global state, EmphoSys the expert conference solutions provider takes the leap forward by introducing audio & video conferencing solution to empower business in remote communication.

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A Steady Stream of Success

When you're setting up a web conference, you want to trust that the software you've chosen will create audible, reliable, high-definition meetings. That's where EmphoSys comes in. We develop custom software for any web conference or virtual meeting that helps you focus on what matters most: effective communication.

Meeting Management Solutions

EmphoSys creates custom meeting-management software, including cloud-based platforms, employee access portals, scheduling tools, Unified Communications (UC) software, integration with supporting systems, and more.


Web Conferencing Software Support

We develop web conferencing and online meeting software, including browser-based applications, screen and application sharing, video and audio streaming, instant messaging, session recording, voice recognition, webinar management, and more.


Mobile Device Management

Our experts develop meeting applications for mobile devices with custom branding, Mobile Device Management (MDM) controls, offline access features, file synchronization, sharing, and built-in security features. We program modules for distribution of apps, data and configuration settings, and patches.


Remote Meeting and Presentations

We program collaboration applications for invitation management, document creation, real-time markup, document sharing, action item tracking, persistent conference rooms, virtual whiteboards, participant control, screen captures, code sessions, and other solutions.


Meeting Preparation Solutions

We develop software for managing physical meetings, including conference room scheduling, equipment tracking, visitor management applications, and agenda and minutes management. Our software integrates with e-mail, calendar, and project management applications.


Conference Security Protocols

We engineer security protocols and features, including Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS), Secure Shell (SSH), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), biometric authentication, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and login and password controls.


Meeting Attendee Management

EmphoSys programs attendee scheduling and tracking software, which contains moderator controls for adding, muting, and dropping participants during online meetings. We develop attendee-engagement and feedback tools, including real-time polling, anonymous voting, and electronic hand-raising features. Our software also features meeting analytics modules for productivity tracking.


Conference Telephony Architecture

We program architectures for PBX, WebRTC, and VoIP gateways, and integrate video streaming and recording functionality via API from Twilio, TokBox, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Loom, and VSee. We design apps for interoperability with SIP standards-based IP phones and SIP trunks, and migration to multi-purpose cloud platforms.