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Utilizing the latest in avant-garde technology, EmphoSys has developed an advanced, comprehensive, and ready to use POS system to improve your restaurant’s in-stock positions and up the quality of customer service while minimizing labor / operation costs and maximizing profits. With brilliant features that aid to effortlessly handle all facets of running a restaurant, such as inventory, order, delivery, and pricing including discount and tax, our POS system can easily be deployed to a restaurant environment – irrespective of its size or type – let it be a small fine dining restaurant, take away, home delivery, mid-sized fast food or bar, or a large-tier cafeteria or food court.

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Cater to multiple tasks of managing restaurant with ease

Top features of our Restaurant POS Software

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Sales Management

Manage your sales profile in and out appropriately.

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Table management

Management of the tables, know you table wise status (booked & vacant) Orders wise status of table.

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Room wise pricing

Room wise pricing: Price's can be diffrentiated according to room and spacerestro have.

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Multi Offer & promotion

Offers can be applied percentage wise, amount wise, qty wise or any happy hours if you want to mention.

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KOT(Kitchen order Table)

Department / Merged wise KOT print and according to the status or the sequence in which order has been placed by guest.

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Tax can be implied according to market. Tax includes (Sales Tax / Purchase Tax Summary, VAT / GST)

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Multiple payment methods

Smart enough to use multiple payment methods (Cash / Debit-Credit card/ Paytm)

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Takeaway & Home Delivery Service

Customer can receive each & bit detail of driver + time (in how much time they will receive the order)

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Purchase management

Purchase management is done by maintaining proper entries of purchasing done.

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Department issue

Division of stock department wise issue and remaining stock detials.

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Recipe wise Stock Management

Receipe can be maintain by the transfer of the stock from kitchen store and calculate the qty.

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Inventory Management

Powerful Inventory Management module monitor inventory levels, Daily consumption, Low stock Alert’s.

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In pictorial form we can see the reports of each & bit.

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View custom reports that gives detailed insights about sales business with graphical and tabular representation of data.

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Data Backup/Restore

Backup & Data can be restored if deleted or if your source for software is changed.

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Multi users & admin features

Provide access to admin with restricted and standard profile

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KIOSK & Tablet Features

Tablet Connectivity as well as provide KOT (group and simple printing) & section wise Bill printing and basic reports

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Kitchen Automation

Personalized kitchen station views complemnted by up o date features helps to trackpdate andmaintain food-orders

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Wait List Manager

Helps to view, manage and update guests’ waiting list, thereby catering to guests’ needs promptly and professionally.

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Backend Functionalities

Manipulate data to generate report just the way you need Comprehensive listing of employees’ pay details that cover tip and sales


EmphoSys Restaurant POS Software Development Services

We develop custom POS systems that allow for real-time menu editing and item changes

We develop custom online payment portals and gateways to integrate with delivery and online ordering platforms

We program custom alternative payment method platforms including ACH, e-checks, gift cards, prepaid cards, Google Checkout, and PayPal

We integrate with VeriFone solutions for mobile, Payment-as-a-Service (PaaS), EMV, and hardware systems, including mobile wallets, Near Field Communication (NFC), mobile payments, remote app management, key loading, and diagnostics, VX Direct, VX Evolution series and MX series

We implement security features including TransArmor solutions, Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption

We engineer custom integrations with First Data in-restaurant payment terminals including Clover Mini and Clover Station, plus mobile and web-based payment terminals including Clover Mobile, Clover Go, FD400GT, First Data Mobile Pay, VeriFone PAYware Mobile, Pogo, and more

We integrate custom menu and guest management modules into existing POS terminal software

We work with Ingenico, VeriFone (Verix V and VX eVo models), Equinox, and others to provide fully integrated payment processing solutions

We develop EMV embedded software and tokenization data security protocols and integrate with point-of-sale hardware

We engineer secure acquiring and issuing platforms for open-loop payment cards and multi service closed-loop transaction processing

We program payment integrations with mobile, payment terminal and desktop platforms

We develop enterprise POS software platforms for franchise and multi-unit operations, allowing uniformity across all satellites, concession stands, entertainment venues or other locations

We program PayPal Authentication and security features integrations with Adaptive Accounts API, Permissions Service API, Log In with PayPal (Identity REST API), and Vault API (Vault REST API)

We integrate with guest management and loyalty software POS platforms to create a single access point for management services

Restaurant Point of Sals Software

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