Property Management Software Development

The solutions that we develop are as varied as the businesses that we serve. One thing that they have in common – they address our clients’ critical challenges and business needs when “off-the-shelf” products can’t be used. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we have knowledge and skills to seamlessly integrate all your operations, increase your operational efficiencies, and provide access to real-time data. We are here to help you modernize and streamline your existing software and draw on our 10-year experience to build custom software to meet your individual needs

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Whether you are planning to develop property management software, real estate broker software, lease management software or real estate CRM software, we are dedicated to developing a complete real estate management software for your business.

Real Estate Modules & Its Top Features We Develop

Real Estate CRM Solution

  • Client/Property Matching
  • Contact Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Management
  • Listing Management
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Back Office Solution
Property Management Software Module

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Commercial properties
  • Contact management
  • Expense management
  • Insurance management
  • Maintenance management
  • Payment processing
  • Portfolio management
Lease Management Software Module

  • Landlord database
  • Residential leases
  • Property management
  • Billing and invoicing
Vendors, Maintenance and Inspection Module

  • Manage the amenities to Inspect
  • Manage Tickets (Work Requests)
  • Paperless Office / Lower operating costs
  • Contact management
Sales Management Module

  • Quotations, reservations and contracts management
  • Dynamic contracts and SPA generation
  • Flexible payment plan creation
  • Interest charges / penalties calculations
  • Sales transfer process
Purchasing & Inventory Management

  • Purchase order management
  • Inventory items controls
  • Issue, receipt and returns management
  • Auditing and reports
  • Approval management
Charges/penalties Management Module

  • Financial management
  • Operation budget management
  • Revenue and expense recognition
  • Financial data import flexibility
Asset Management Module

  • Asset listing
  • Virtualization
  • Fixed asset management
  • Asset data updates and reports

Don’t know which real estate CMR software module fits your business needs? Don’t worry. Get in touch with our technical expert, who will comprehend your business and guide you further.