Procurement Software Development

Procurement is a set of activities, measures, and tasks performed for the purpose of purchasing materials, machines, devices, accessories and tools in order to smoothly conduct the work order process. It is a link between production processes and the market.In order to make the procurement profitable, optimal quantities and stocks must be taken into account. Also, cost-effectiveness is achieved by finding cheaper suppliers and materials and covering the cost of procurement.The main goal of the procurement is the regular supply of production at the lowest price possible: desired material in the right quantity, under the right conditions, at the right time, from the right sources, and with the right service.

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Electronic procurement is focused on the automation of procurement and supply processes via web-based applications. Applying e-procurement software ensures transparency, accountability, and efficiency of the procurement process. Moreover, it reduces costs and time without compromising on standards and quality of provided services.

Features of Procurement Development Services

Catalog and Order Management

Asset Management and Inventory


Billing Management


Vendor Management

Request for Quote

Purchase Contracts



Item Receipt

Vendor Bills

Real-time budget

Risk management

Financial Accounting Integration

Enterprise Visibility

Supplier Audits

Second Sourcing

Supplier Relationship Management

Credit Card Support

Comprehensive Deliveries

Sensible Supplier Evaluation

Instant Messaging

Superior Negotiations

Predefined Delivery Address

Smart Categories Management

Multi Level Management

Informative Items Database

EmphoSys has extensive experience in development and implementation of the e-procurement software