Predictive Analytics

We offer predictive analytics applications and services to help our customers foresee business events by applying data mining, statistical and machine learning techniques on their historical data. This helps improve their bottom line and competitive advantage by optimizing marketing campaigns, adopting dynamic pricing strategies, preventing loss of customers, understanding product returns and reducing business risk, to name a few benefits. We provide affordable rapid analysis, prototyping and application development using state-of-the-art data science platforms such as R on cloud computing platforms such as Amazon AWS.

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Leveraging predictive analytics has become both necessary and affordable due to:


Emergence of IoT devices embedded in automobiles, home appliances and industrial equipment


Dynamically changing customer preferences and competitor offerings


Super abundance of data available from customer interactions through various digital platforms


Highly responsive, reliable and inexpensive data processing capabilities through cloud computing


Rapid prototyping capabilities of new business methods and algorithms


User friendly software


Minimize Loss from Product Returns


Enhance Profitability from Dynamic Pricing


Improve Customer Retention

We power your business with accurate predictive analytics models

Predictive analytics use cases

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Churn prediction

Predict customer churn and take effective actions to retain the customer before it is too late.

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Recommendation system

Leverage machine learning to tailor recommendations to each of your unique customers.

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Customer segmentation

Achieve deeper customer understanding and more effective customer marketing.

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Lifetime value optimization

Leverage CRM data with predictive analytics to optimize customer lifetime value.

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Dynamic pricing

Optimize your pricing strategies to stay competitive and reduce revenue leaks.

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Credit scoring

Use machine learning to improve quality of your credit scoring models.

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Demand forecasting

Respond to your business supply needs faster and more accurately.

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Marketing campaign optimization

Increasing your marketing campaign profitability with predictive analytics consulting services.

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