Everything you need to assess, analyze and improve team performance.

Let your employees take charge of their careers with performance appraisal – the world’s leading performance appraisal management software. If you want to get more out of your employee evaluation process, It is the fully-integrated solution trusted by companies around the world. Designed to streamline your HR process while providing your employees with the tools they need to further their careers, our unique approach to employee performance reviews allows you to leverage your talents’ competencies while rewarding performance along the way.

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The reliable and easy-to-use cloud based employee evaluation software trusted by businesses worldwide.


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Delivering Job Clarity


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Project Profitability

Effective Employee Evaluation

Evaluate on-the-job performance

EmphoSys employee evaluation reports were built by experienced HR professionals. They include 900+ job goals for most industry types – everything from lines of code to items serviced. Using our large database of key performance indicators, you can better define what your employees are expected to achieve. Evaluating your employees on clearly-defined job expectations ensures they receive clear, actionable input that can be easily applied for greater productivity. Our flexible evaluation program accommodates continuous feedback, yearly appraisals, project-based evaluations, and 360-degree evaluations – all within a single appraisal software.


Delivering Timely input

Employee performance management is critical to managing a business. Research has shown more than 34% of all employees have unanswered questions regarding their role, over 45% are unclear what other employees do and more than 70% desire more input on their job performance! Help your employees reach their maximum potential by clarifying their job function and giving them timely, actionable feedback. Schedule weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual evaluations that run on their own to ensure your employees know where they lack and where they excel.

Real-time project profitability monitoring

If you want to maximize growth in your business, you need to know where your profits are coming from. EmphoSys productivity analysis suite comes with our enterprise plan. Tracking project profitability is no longer confusing, complex or expensive. Using actionable intelligence reports, built on real-time data metrics, you can easily track which projects, and what teams, are driving the most profit to your company. This enables you to accurately forecast and improve profit margins. Project managers can keep a close eye on the effort being invested on their projects, productivity tracking makes it simpler for them to take action well before the project is in the red.


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Deliver job clarity for your employees. Make smart, data-driven decisions based on effective employee evaluations.

With EmphoSys continuous feedback employee performance evaluation software you will be the first to know when employees need help or projects are at risk. We deliver job clarity with a simple evaluation process, this leads to happier, more productive employees and greater profits for your business.
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Fully Customizable

From rating scales and branding to language and currency, change the software to suit your needs. We cater to a diverse set of industries each with its own specialized requirements.

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Simple To Use

Designed to be simple and easy to use. Most users complete their first evaluation in a matter of minutes, videos, in line tips and our library of templates help along the way.

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Safe & Secure

We use world-class, big-data technologies to safeguard your data in the Cloud. The entire system is protected by secure, application-level firewalls.

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Friendly Support

Guided rollout is included with all our plans, send us job descriptions and we will set up your evaluations. Expert HR advice is available to all customers free.

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Mobile-device Ready

Designed for smart devices, EmphoSys works on all smartphones, tablets and everything in between. Including native apps for iPhones & Androids.

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Engagement Benefits

Engagement begins with job clarity. Use 360-degree evaluations for clearer feedback and share clear organization goals with all. Engaged employees are motivated to be effective at their jobs.

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Integrating with popular platforms like Google Apps, Office 365, Wrike, Zoho, Basecamp and many more we make rolling out EmphoSys seamless. Seamless import and export to spreadsheets too.

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Project budget is compared with time investment by employees to generate real-time project profitability dashboards, helping managers make timely data-driven decisions.