Knowledge Management Solutions

Creating a knowledge management system requires a large amount of know-how. If not planned and structured properly, it may fail, leaving the organization with untold quantities of disaggregated – and useless – data instead of knowledge, understanding and wisdom.The advent of blogs, wikis and social media has made Knowledge Management exponentially more complicated. EmphoSys Knowledge Management practice harnesses the power of social computing to capture disparate tendrils of knowledge throughout the enterprise and make them available for the benefit of the company.

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Knowledge is power, and Knowledge Management (KM) is how organizations take what they know collectively and leverage it for greater productivity, customer satisfaction and enterprise value.

EmphoSys Knowledge Management competencies include:


Application Integration

We support thorough systems integration, both shallow and deep, including the integration of databases, CRM and ERP systems, and file servers.


Categorization, Taxonomy and Multifaceted Navigation

Since search alone is not enough, we offer automated, semi-automated and manual taxonomy creation, documentation categorization and category management services. Ensuring proper document categorization and use of metadata saves time for employees and customers.


Workflow Development and Deployment

The process of submission, approval, modification and obsolescence of knowledge artifacts is almost as important as the artifacts themselves. After all, obsolete information can be more dangerous than no information at all. Our workflows and processes ensure that your organization’s solution meets the highest standards.


Governance and Procedures

Effective governance and executive involvement are imperative to ensure that knowledge management systems are widely and properly used. Our tested and effective guidelines help ensure that all stakeholders contribute to and benefit from each system.


Massive Content Preparation and Conversion

Our content preparation and conversion services include XML and metadata development.

Effective and proven Knowledge Management