Hotel Management Software Development

With the new tech trends revolutionizing luxury and resort hotels, mobile capabilities are making it possible for the hotel staff to manage the operations of their property even while being away from the front desk. It is this new reliance on mobile which are changing the things altogether and because of this hotel management software apps are constantly growing in popularity with numerous hospitality property management solutions absolutely cashing in on mobile capabilities.

Hotel booking software is a fully-fledged and comprehensive system that facilitates the end-users to hassle-free book hotel of their preferred place at the preferred budget. Rich-featured Hotel Booking Software facilitates repeated and new customers to discover great deals, offers, rooms availability, exiting feature of different hotels, compare hotel prices and the customer can save money on the next trip. Our passionate team of experts combines their creativity and intensive software knowledge in preferring innovative and feature-rich Hotel Management software.

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A Complete Guide to Hotel Management System Development: Features, Tech, and Cost


Saves Time

Hotel Management system saves the time required for streamlining the resources and accomplishing the entire task efficiently.


Cost Effective

It helps in cutting down manpower because a lot of work gets automated and you can compensate the cost on essential resources.


Improved Efficiency

Software can perform without dropping its efficiency whereas human faces problems like fatigue that may leading to errors.


Accurate Reports

Accurate reports can be shared in real-time using which hotel managers can access accurate daily reports that can be printed.

Modules of Hotel Management System

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Hotel Management Software Development Services We Provide

A hotel has several operations and departments; we deliver the software that unifies and simplifies it. Our team of developers excels in cracking challenging tasks by leveraging cutting-edge tools and technologies. Our hotel management software features include -
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Reservations and Offline Bookings

Our hotel management software helps you to smoothly manage reservations from various sources online and offline, as well as their operations.

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Quick Check-in & Check-out Procedure

Ensure hassle-free check-in and checkout for solo travelers, families, or large groups with this module.

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Tariff Management

We can configure the system to help you set different tariffs for rooms based on which side they face, amenities provided, occupancy, and so on.

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User Roles and Privileges

Our hotel management software allows you to create multiple users and grant access depending on their responsibilities and roles in your hotel.

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Organized Hotel Housekeeping

With a well-organized front office and housekeeping, you can provide your guests with a pleasant staying experience at your property. This function helps you do exactly that.

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Simplified Folio Operations

Our cloud-based software performs the many folio operations like splitting, merging, transferring, etc., with precision.

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Meal Plans and Packages

This allows you to set up meal plans and different tariffs for rooms; like whether it is inclusive of only breakfast, all meals, or two meals.

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Multiple Profile Management

With our solution, you can create multiple profiles for travel agents, vendors, and guests, and store details as well.

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Wellness and Spa

If you offer spa/beauty/wellness services we can integrate that into the software too. This will make managing your spa staff and reservations, a breeze.

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POS System Integration

This module allows you to directly synchronize with the POS system and handle guest requests at your restaurant, spa, or bar, and process payments at checkout.

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Smart Yield Management

If you want the room tariff to change automatically according to the occupancy slab based on a predetermined formula, this module will handle it for you.

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Guest Database and Preferences

Offer a personalized experience to your guests by saving their details and preferences in your database.

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Email and SMS Marketing

This module helps you engage with your guests before they arrive, while they are at your property and even after they leave; communicate with guests by email and SMS from our hotel management software.

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