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With the help of custom document management systems (DMS) businesses go paperless and securely manage all their documentation throughout the overall lifecycle from uploading to storing, delivery, and archiving. Our digital document management solutions are purpose-built to automate routine work.

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"Track, manage and store documents and become paperless. \a We are proud to be part of building a future without paper."

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Document Management System Functions

We deliver custom document management software that includes systemized data management tools and provides complete visibility of the company’s workflow and employees’ productivity. DM systems may include but are not limited to the following functions:

Workflow automation streamlines the document management process by routing the documents to their destination. It also allows creating automated reports, assists in task assignment, revisions and approvals, notifications, and other vital workflow components.


Document management software allows storing documents and metadata, thus providing intelligent searching, indexing, and data management. Also, electronic versions of documents integrated into the DM system significantly reduce the amount of paper in the office.


This function offers intelligent search by using specific parameters and metadata. It allows changing document format and provides centralized access from the desktop.


Version control provides access to the revision history, which is important in the process of constant user collaboration. This function allows the user to see all the document changes, compare versions, reverse editing, and accept the changes.


A DMS ensures more flexible security control over the documents. Such systems give access to data by granting permissions for a document, folder or dedicated workspace.

User dashboard

We build DM systems that include a workflow and document inbox, alerts and notifications, chats and follow- ups, reports , and other inbuilt components (calendar, email) combined as a virtual dashboard.

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