Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) concerns a company's interaction with current and potential customers. Using data analysis of the customers’ history to improve business relationships, focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth.

Implementing an efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution in your organization can boost productivity of your sales team and customer support team significantly and give you an insight into the customer care and sales process. Many small businesses still rely on Excel sheets to manage customer data, which tends to be highly disorganized. Deploying CRM software can turn out to be extremely expensive for small or medium sized companies; however, open source CRM solutions can help you achieve better customer relations cost-effectively.

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Advantages of custom CRM development

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A light-weight custom solution

A light-weight custom solution right for your specific needs and requirements vs. an expensive and complicated out-of-the-box enterprise CRM system, created to meet the requirements of most businesses

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Rational usage-based pricing

Rational usage-based pricing vs. per-user pricing that forces you to limit access to the system for those departments, which don’t use the system on a daily basis, and affects overall efficiency

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CRM applications

CRM applications for different departments, which are based on the same database and fulfill specific requirements of different company’s levels.

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Better integration

Better integration across different departments of your company

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Easy system expansion

Easy system expansion when new functionality is needed

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Less time

Less time spent on training the end users because a custom CRM system is created based on your workflow

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Significant cost-savings

Significant cost-savings from the development of those features you really want and need

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Custom CRM Development Services

CRM integration

Custom applications development for CRM

Migration to custom CRM

Custom CRM solutions maintenance

Development of specific extensions for CRM (bridges, modules, etc.);

CRM strategy development

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consulting

Microsoft CRM Installation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Configuration, Implementation, and upgrades

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Maintenance

End-to-end CRM application development

Open source CRM solution development

CRM application upgrade and maintenance

Data Migration

Energy CRM Software Services

Retail CRM Software Services

Insurance CRM Software Services

Manufacturing CRM Software Services

Real Estate CRM Software Services

Transport CRM Software Services

Modules and Functions CRM Software

Lead management

Mass Mailings

Invoices management

Asset Management

Customer information system

Product management

Contact management

Returns & Claims

Payment management

Company management

Quote management

Campaign Management

Sales Planning

Contract management

Group management

Customer Portal/ Account Management

Forecast Management

Event Management

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Orders management

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Opportunity management

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