What Is Business Automation?

Business Automation (also known as "Business Process Automation" or "BPA") systematically replaces manual processes with intelligent rules-driven automation, just-in-time analytics, and open collaboration. Often this is achieved with business automation tools.

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Have a great idea you want to make a reality? EmphoSys full-service app development team can create unique experiences tailor-made to achieve your goals. Trust our expertise to help you define your vision and then bring it to life.


Get your game-changing idea into the hands of your users – anywhere. Mobile-first is the new reality for today’s organizations and should never be an afterthought. Our experienced mobile development team can help you realize your custom app dev project and get it in the hands of your users.


EmphoSys can customize your solutions to work with your existing technology, creating truly efficient methods that promote productivity, reduce cost, and future-proof your ecosystem to manage the complexity of a rapidly evolving business environment.


EmphoSys Approach To Auromate Business Process


The first step we take in creating your experience is understanding the problem you are trying to solve. We conduct a thorough analysis of your requirements, considerations for storage, server and hardware needs, and missing pieces of the infrastructure that may be required to make your solution run smoothly. By gathering comprehensive, start-to-finish process details, we’re able to reduce redundancies, refine the process flow, and ensure the final technical solution will have the desired outcome.


EmphoSys manages the delivery of software development projects with regular progress reports and testing. After all the components are developed, we work with your team to overcome any complex system integration challenges – both within your organization’s walls and with your external partners, vendors, and customers. Throughout the creation process, we’re in regular communication with both technical and non-technical staff to ensure the best technical outcome that drives adoption and maximizes value.


Success of our project is determined by how well the new system is being embraced by the workforce and how well they interact with the new system. We believe a successful launch is dependent on preparing your end-users for change through effective training and support. Our change management program helps to break down barriers end-users face when converting to automation to ensure optimal levels of productivity and satisfaction.


It’s the post-live activities that determine the real value of a project. EmphoSys applies continuous improvement efforts as well as auditing and accountability to ensure the tool is being utilized to its full potential. Changes in hardware, integrations with other software, upgrades, and other variables require ongoing maintenance, support, and process improvements.

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