Automated software testing provides the benefits of speed, cost-effectiveness, and precision when testing large projects and software built over multiple iterations. When tests are done automatically — there's no need to involve lots of resources into the process, and the quality of the end product is still great. Automation helps a lot when it comes to the test coverage. The pre-written script basically does all the job by itself, eliminating the need for additional human intervention, hence keeping the focus on scalability, overpowering human laziness, inattentiveness, and low speed. Time-consuming and repetitive test cases just crave for automation as it allows to reuse the existing tests for different app versions without spending time on creating new ones for each one.

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Benefits of test automation

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Cut overall QA costs

Costs are reduced as the QA team shrinks due to the manual work replacement.

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Overall testing time decreases as automated tests can be run quickly, anywhere and are conditionally free.

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Improve product quality

Automated tests eliminate possible human mistakes – automation does not ignore or overlook the things that a real person can.

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Optimize testing activities

Automated tests release tester's time, thus allowing to focus on testing extra functionality where manual tests are required.

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Increase productivity

Automation can increase productivity by reducing the time required to perform repetitive tasks.

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Better test coverage

Test automation, unlike manual testing, provides much greater test coverage when it comes to processing large data volumes.

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Why Automation Testing?

Implementing a robust automation testing solution is no mean task and proves challenging for many companies – our dynamic and highly experienced team is amongst the top in automation testing services. With holistic focus on your business, we strategically design test processes, set up robust automated scripts, create QA automation framework and run Selenium & Mobile Apps automated test scripts for consistent and reliable coverage overall.

  • Manual Testing Takes Too Long
  • Manual Processes Are Error Prone
  • Automation Frees People to Do Their Best Work
  • Improves Test Coverage
  • Automation Testing Gives Feedback, Early, and Often
  • ROI and Payback

EmphoSys test automation approach

One of the effective approaches we are constantly using is keyword-driven testing (KDT). This approach covers hundreds of test cases in long-term projects with complex business logic.
Testing plan development

Automation testing script development

Keyword implementation by automation engineer

Launch of automation tests

Implementation of automated tests in the regular pool


  • Selenium is a powerful and flexible tool that enables you to run functional tests on your web applications.
  • Cucumber is one of the widely used domain-specific scripting languages used in BDD.
  • White is a framework for automating rich client applications based on Win32, WinForms, WPF, Silverlight and SWT (Java) platforms.
  • Docker is a software containerization platform that provides virtualization from the operating system level.
  • Serenity BDD is an open source library for writing better quality automated acceptance tests faster.

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