Application Maintenance & Support

Application Maintenance and Support includes the skills and requirements for supporting application systems, including troubleshooting, modifying, maintaining and enhancing legacy systems. Application Maintenance and Support also applies to applications running in a production environment.

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What EmphoSys Provide under Software Application Maintenance

At EmphoSys, we have knowledge and competencies to ensure that the client's applications are running efficiently with the help of proficient maintenance services. We have analyzed that Application Maintenance is a significant element in achieving productivity and streamlining business process. Our application development services primarily cater to the following domains.

Application Re-engineering

Legacy applications are an asset to any organization, but at the same time, are a challenge to the programmers and maintenance engineers. EmphoSys application re-engineering services help organizations transform legacy applications through various methods to make them more relevant to the current technological environments and at the same time, retain their value.

    Application Migration & Integration

    EmphoSys Application Migration and Integration services help organizations optimize their IT environments for higher productivity and improved performance. Our best-in-class solutions help in the seamless integration of your business applications, infrastructure, data and systems to make them work in sync with one another.

      Application Support

      EmphoSys application support services help enterprises identify and find solutions for issues cropping up within the many components of complex business systems. We work to ensure that your world class systems consistently deliver value and add to your organization’s efficiency.

        Corrective Maintenance

        Defect-corrective QA approach and adherence to Center of Excellence (CoE) methodologies

          Adaptive Maintenance

          Developing and deploying new features to bring value to customers time and time again.

            Perfective Maintenance

            Improving performance or maintainability of the applications.

              Preventive Maintenance

              Analyzing patterns to find out potential vulnerabilities in the application to provide preventive fixes.

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                Advantage of Choosing EmphoSys for Application Maintenance Services

                • Our wide range of services extend across the enterprise application lifecycle – from package evaluation and implementation to upgrades and migration.
                • Experts at EmphoSys provide problem management, bug fixing, debugging, troubleshooting and other technical services.
                • The services we offer reflect our commitment towards exceptional user services.
                • Our team of experts offer various solutions to help organizations in application enhancement.
                • Our experts help companies with innovative application maintenance solutions and strategies.
                • We deliver highly skilled alternatives to application maintenance services from renowned U.S. based application integration firms.
                • We provide access to onsite consultants as well as our offshore resources for our clients, made possible with the Hybrid Global Delivery Model.
                • We leverage our extensive knowledge of ERP products to achieve tangible business benefits for our customers.

                Here are some of the challenges enterprises face when it comes to effective application support and maintenance.

                • Designing a solution to lower support costs and total cost of ownership (TCO) for long term cost reduction.
                • Customization of the applications to meet the demands of changing business environments.
                • TCutting down on the usage of the age-old mainframes for maintenance of legacy applications..
                • Availability of talent with the required expertise in the evolving application technology as well as legacy platforms.
                • Adhering to the highest quality standards when it comes to application development and maintenance.
                • Successfully modify applications to cater to the requirements of changing business processes and operational strategies.