Tizen Application Development

EmphoSys, with a diligent Tizen mobile app development team, have achieved a height of excellence in building apps for Tizen and are continuously increasing their knowledge as per upcoming trends. Our developers have strong skills in Tizen SDK for building native apps as well building web apps using HTML5 and Javascript. Tizen app store is becoming popular now a days. Hence our dynamic team always stays updated with the latest updates in Tizen Application Development and current trends in market. As a result of which we have gained a huge amount of expertise in building tizen mobile apps for native platforms, wearable as well as web based apps. Tizen is an open source operating system by Samsung. Tizen SDK has wide range of options for the developers who're seeking to build revolutionary apps with new innovative concepts.

Since it’s inception, we have been working with Tizen SDK to develop mobile apps as well as wearable apps. We have also developed web applications using HTML5 & JavaScript SDK. The reason behind tizen gaining popularity is, it is not used only for the mobile applications but also Tizen app supported in various devices like Smart TV, tablets, smart watch, In-vehicle devices, wearables and many other. We are pleased to say that we have not only gained the efficiency in tizen app development but we also have good hold to handle the complete lifecycle of a tizen project, launching it and maintaining it without any distraction and obstacles.

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Building Tizen Apps That Empower Devices With Innovative Functionalities

Native Application Development Process

Tizen provides the tools required to manage your native application life-cycle from product conception, through development and release, to end-of-life application retirement.

Development Process

Want To Avail Futuristic Tizen Apps For Your Business?

Our Expertise

We propose a set of competitive Tizen App Development Services including:

UI streamlining and custom UI outline on Tizen

Responses for Porting Issues

Integration of IMS, RCS customers, VoIP and Video calling to Tizen

Expansion of new local admin to the Tizen platform

Optimizing Flash built runtimes in light of Tizen

Tizen/hardware coordination and optimization

HTML 5 application enhancement and porting to Tizen

Combination of HW peripherals

Tizen Game Development

Tizen Sports App Development

Tizen ECommerce App Development

Tizen Business App Development

Tizen Multimedia App Development

Tizen Education App Development

Tizen SDK For Wearables

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