Processing frameworks for Hadoop

Hadoop has become the de-facto platform for storing and processing large amounts of data and has found widespread applications. In the Hadoop ecosystem, you can store your data in one of the storage managers (for example, HDFS, HBase, Solr, etc.) and then use a processing framework to process the stored data. Hadoop first shipped with only one processing framework: MapReduce. Today, there are many other open source tools in the Hadoop ecosystem that can be used to process data in Hadoop; a few common tools include the following Apache projects: Hive, Pig, Spark, Cascading, Crunch, Tez, and Drill, along with Impala and Presto. Some of these frameworks are built on top of each other. For example, you can write queries in Hive that can run on MapReduce or Tez. Another example currently under development is the ability to run Hive queries on Spark

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Hadoop: The ultimate list of frameworks

Categories of processing frameworks

One can broadly classify processing frameworks in Hadoop into the following six categories:

General-purpose processing frameworks

These frameworks allow users to process data in Hadoop using a low-level API. Although these are all batch frameworks, they follow different programming models. Examples include MapReduce and Spark.

Machine learning frameworks

These frameworks enable machine learning analysis on Hadoop data. These can also be built on top of a general-purpose framework, such as MLlib (on Spark), or as a stand-alone, special-purpose framework, such as Oryx.

Graph processing frameworks

These frameworks enable graph processing capabilities on Hadoop. They can be built on top of a general-purpose framework, such as Giraph, or as a stand-alone, special-purpose framework, such as GraphLab.

Abstraction frameworks

These frameworks allow users to process data using a higher level abstraction. These can be API-based — for example, Crunch and Cascading, or based on a custom DSL, such as Pig. These are typically built on top of a general-purpose processing framework.

SQL frameworks

These frameworks enable querying data in Hadoop using SQL. These can be built on top of a general-purpose framework, such as Hive, or as a stand-alone, special-purpose framework, such as Impala. Technically, SQL frameworks can be considered abstraction frameworks. However, given their high demand and slew of options available in this category, it makes sense to classify SQL frameworks as their own category.

Real-time/streaming frameworks

These frameworks provide near real-time processing (several hundred milliseconds to few seconds latency) for data in the Hadoop ecosystem. They can be built on top of a generic framework, such as Spark Streaming (on Spark), or as a stand-alone, special-purpose framework, such as Storm.

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Hadoop Development Services We Offer

An open source framework licensed under the Apache Software Foundation, Hadoop enables organizations of all sizes to access large-scale data in an easy, quick and inexpensive way. And with its inexhaustible scalability and storage options, Hadoop is the most viable choice for data processing. At EmphoSys, we can help you with our wide range of Hadoop development services by eliminating the operational challenges of executing the Hadoop development.

Hadoop Development

Our Hadoop developers have in-depth knowledge of the Hadoop framework and are experts at writing MapReduce codes, PIG scripts, Hive queries, and other codes related to Hadoop development. We also have programmers and coders with an extensive expertise on the Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS), Spark, Kafka, Flink, NoSQL DB, Kafka, etc.


Hadoop Implementation

Once you outsource Hadoop development services to us, we will help you with on-premise or cloud implementation. Our Hadoop developers are also experts on Vanilla Hadoop (open-source) and Hadoop distributions (commercial). They can identify your organization's data growth, compression rate, replication factor, the volume of data and likewise, plan your Hadoop cluster.


Hadoop Integration

Through our Hadoop integration, we can align your business and IT together, which will help you analyze the streaming of your data in real-time. Our team of programmers, designers, testers, and consultants can help you with the seamless integration of Hadoop with the existing or expected components of your organization's architecture.


Hadoop Consulting

Our expertise goes far beyond Hadoop development, our consultants have been helping a plethora of different industries and verticals in implementing Hadoop solutions since 2011. And our Hadoop developers are expert in Hive, MapReduce, Spark, and Cassandra to help you design, implement, and integrate Hadoop.


Architecture Design & Strategy

Once you decide offshore Hadoop development services to us, our solution architects will examine your Big data challenges and tailor a solution to integrate Hadoop in a modern data architecture. Our built solutions can run Hadoop supported appliances and integrate with data and storage management solutions. We can design the data ingestion by Hadoop and also assist you with cluster installation and configuration.


Configuration & Optimization

We can set up the Hadoop clusters and optimize the process for Hadoop deployment and configure the memory and disk space sizing of the HBase. We can also modify the configuration files which are generated after installation according to your requirements of the applications and clusters.


Data Mining & Aggregation

We can significantly minimize the data preparation time for data mining and provide a predictive analytics solution to allow you to better assess your organization's data. Our Hadoop development solutions also cover the data aggregation services to enable you analyze and use your data to aggregate for a specified purpose. Our data mining and aggregation services can streamline the operations in your organization. You can create aggregate data set to find the transactions happening in your organization.


Big Data Solutions

At EmphoSys, we have more than 13 years of experience in providing Big Data solutions to our global clients. We can transform your business through our performance management and state-of-the-art analytics solutions. We can also create strategies for Big data and create a custom framework and roadmap to allow you maximize your operational efficiency.


Business Intelligence and Analytics

We deliver integrated business intelligence and analytics solutions that can help you accelerate your growth. With our business intelligence solutions, you can boost data discovery, data optimization, graphic visualization, and achieve consistency in handling voluminous data and analytical workloads.

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