Flask Web Development

Flask framework is a small and recognized micro – framework for python based on the Werkzeug toolkit and Jinja2 template engine. We suggest flask to clients who have requirement for a small scale application. It is easy to learn and simple to develop, enabling developers to fabricate more in short time frame. It can be utilized to make a wide variety of applications ranging from simple web applications to complex, database–driven websites.

Flask is a Python framework, based on Werkzeug, Jinja2 and inspired by Sinatra Ruby framework, available under BSD licence. It was developed at pocoo by Armin Ronacher. Although Flask is rather young compared to most Python frameworks, it holds a great promise and has already gained popularity among Python web developers. Let’s take a closer look into Flask, so-called “micro” framework for Python.

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A micro framework, written in Python, easy to extend with comprehensive documentation

Highlights of using a flask framework

Still the question remains why use Flask as your web application framework if we have immensely powerful Django, Pyramid, and don’t forget web megaframework Turbogears? Those are supreme Python web frameworks BUT out-of-the-box Flask is pretty impressive too with its:

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Flask Development Services

EmphoSys offers services across the board that includes:
Flask Application Development

EmphoSys are well equipped to take on any project with the understanding of latest technology improvements and bring you interactive, reliable, secure and flexible Flask applications for entertainment, e-commerce, m-commerce, and more.

Flask Website Development

You understand that a Website is the spirit of a business and Flask has the power to free the creativity and convert it into a lucrative and simple website. Let EmphoSys guide you to an awesome website development solution with its professional and experienced developers.

Mobile App Development

Flask has extensions available to create a very robust and secure mobile application and our developers know precisely how to dig out the most from it and create a terrific and smooth mobile app. EmphoSys focuses in making mobile app for iOS, Android, plus Windows platforms personalized and customized just the way you want.

eCommerce & mCommerce Development

mCommerece and eCommerece development will have your business going places. Flask has very effective extensions to simplify the development process and with the help of our team you can have a secure, reliable, effective and easy to use solution.

Flask Template Design

Design your flask template for future web, mobile, and desktop applications beforehand to keep away from nuisance of coming up with a new idea every time you think of a development project. Templating will take you a step ahead in the development process. EmphoSys is home to some creative, imaginative and innovative minds that can provide you with striking and simple designs effortlessly.

Adding features to your already existing app

Want to add a phone calling feature to your application or email integration , No worries EmphoSys has knowledgeable flask developers to aid you with the desirable outcome.

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