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Ember.js is a JavaScript web application framework that allows us to develop robust web applications that feel like their comfortable desktop competitors. This means that you can get a custom application that is as much of a workhorse as many comparable desktop programs, while getting all the benefits of an always-ready, cross platform cloud based application.

Ember.js is an open-source JavaScript framework that provides a complex solution for the development of interactive web interfaces. This technology is commonly used to create single-page web apps that can be easily scaled by adding new features to a product. Ember.js was used in a variety of notable projects to build websites, such as Groupon, LinkedIn, Twitch.tv, etc. Although this framework was initially designed as a core instrument for web developers, it found its application in mobile app development. In particular, a desktop application for Apple Music was built in Ember.js.

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Why we love EmberJS

Better Configuration

Ember places configuration ahead of convention because of its well-defined practices regarding its structure, and hence, software engineers focus on the functionality and features of their apps without reinventing the wheel.

Time Saving

Our Ember JS solutions also allow users to save time because they require a shorter amount of time to code them. In addition, the ease of integrating them with other coding solutions makes the coding process faster


You also enjoy a greater level of productivity because our Ember JS solutions allow you to create scalable and fluid apps for desktop use.

An Excellent Data Library

Unlike many other frameworks, Ember JS offers software engineers one of the best data libraries for querying API layers and getting data easily into their local app stores.

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