Why Django is the Best Web Framework for Your Project

Django was created by two programmers working for the Lawrence Journal-World in Kansas. The newspaper needed a web application to publish news online. Eventually, the creators of Django realized that their solution had evolved into a real framework and made it publicly available. Once Django formed a community, its development took off, and the number of websites using Django grew rapidly. Some of the best Django apps include Pinterest, The Washington Post, Dropbox, and Spotify. Every year, there are new applications added to the list of Django Sites. Today, the Django community unites over 11,000 developers across 166 countries.

Django follows the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle, making this framework time-efficient. In other words, there’s no need to rewrite existing code because Django allows you to assemble your website like a Lego set. The framework is well-suited for high load systems and can decrease development time thanks to lots of helper objects.

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Advantages of the Django framework

Good tools and interfaces to other languages for high-performance computation

Designers can change the UI without any programming changes using Django’s template language

Django provides high-level abstractions of common Web development patterns to developers can code faster

Easy MVC model and class creation enables developers to focus on the UI

Built-in prevention of common web app security flaws

A framework for creating GIS applications

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