AngularJS Development Services

AngularJS is a Robust Javascript framework which creates flexible, scalable and dynamic web designs that provide the best-in-class user experience.Leverage the deep domain expertise of our AngularJS Development Services which implement best practices and methodologies to transform your industry ahead of your adversaries.

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Expand your software horizons with our Angularjs Development Solutions.

Features of AngularJS

  • Filters
  • Dependency Injection
  • Form validation
  • Internationalization
  • Light weight code base
  • Two-Way Data Binding
  • Data binding
  • Controllers and routes
  • Directives
  • HTML Template
  • Easy integration into existing library
  • Increase testability & productivity.
  • Reduced development time and cost
  • Reusability (because of HTML components)
  • Affordable
  • Accelerated development for web and mobile apps (because of MVC)
  • Scalability
  • REST friendly
  • Mobile friendly
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Localization
  • Smart change detection
  • Dynamic
  • Outstanding flexibility.
  • SEO friendly Single page application development

Known for high performance, scalability and security, EmphoSys has extensive expertise in building cutting-edge and feature-packed applications with the AngularJS framework.

Our AngularJS Development Services

Utilizing the extensive industry expertise and skills of experienced personnel, we are involved in providing best AngularJS Development services. Our services include:

API Development

Our dedicated AngularJS developers provide timely & effective Web/Mobile API development solutions.

Real Time Applications

Using advanced features of AngularJS we build real time applications that are scalable, feature rich and interactive.

Custom App Development

We have rich domain expertise in building customized apps for all kinds of websites as per business needs.

Plugins Development

Our dedicated AngularJS developers build custom feature-rich plugins as per specific business needs.

eCommerce Development

We build interactive, scalable, feature rich and secure online stores using advanced features of Angular.

Support & Maintenance Services

Rest assured of with our comprehensive and quality support & maintenance services.

We Design And Develop Great Features & Functionalities With Angularjs Development Services

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Intuitive User Interface

Our experts use the power of HTML to define the user interface of apps. And, they use the concepts of custom elements & templates to build an intuitive & powerful user interface to provide the super user experience.

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Solid Technology Capabilities

Our strength lies in our best practices & technological expertise. Our strong and strategic process capabilities enable us to provide the best application development services using the AngularJS framework.

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Directives & Dependency Injection

Our developers use directives to create HTML tags for mobile and web apps. And, utilize the dependency injection feature of AngularJS framework to make the complete application development & testing process easy.

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Data Binding & Reusable Components

We extensively use HTML syntax to build reusable components to hide complex CSS, DOM structure. We create apps with two way data binding capabilities to carry out automatic synchronization of data between components.

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Transparent Collaboration

Transparency enables us to built long-term relationships with our clients. Our dedicated developers & managers ensures transparent collaboration through effective communication with our clients to achieve the best results.

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UI/UX Development

Our experts develop highly intuitive & visually appealing UI/UX designs. The apps developed by us smoothly runson various platforms and devices and attain higher customer satisfaction.

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Flexible Engagement Models

We offer flexible and friendly engagement models to deliver superior quality services at an affordable cost. We bring you with solid infrastructure and skilled professionals who bring you with a successful project.

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Agile Project Management

Our work culture is based on an agile methodology which gives the ability for fast time-to-market. Our agile-driven projects ensure effective product scoping, greater quality, and faster delivery time.

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Dynamic & Compatible Web Apps

The web & mobile apps we develop and deliver are dynamic in true sense. AngularJS enables us to create dynamic views for the web applications. Our AngularJS applications are cross-browser compatible and responsive to all devices.

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