Visual identity

A visual identity is a like a toolkit of creative graphic assets. We create and develop a visual graphic design style which is unique to your brand usually combining font selection, colours, illustration and photographic style. The main purpose of creating an identity is to maintain a consistent visual communications look and feel across many mediums. Advertising, websites, videos and printed collateral would all use this identity combined with the logo, and tone of voice for copywriting.

Consumers today are connected to more brand messaging than they know what to do with. The constant quest of successful companies is to stand out in a crowded industry and create instant brand recognition. Words can get you only so far in conveying your one-of-a-kind persona. The human brain processes imagery about 60,000 times faster than text. This is why you need a visual brand identity that not only pops, but creates a powerful impression that sticks in people’s minds.

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In the business world, first impressions are EVERYTHING.

Logo Design Services

Your logo is on the frontlines of everything your company does. It is displayed on your invoices, webpages, emails, coffee mugs, shirts, stickers, and everything in between. This design needs to exemplify everything your company stands for in a single image. At the end of the day, we make sure your logo is the brand element that really sticks out in people’s minds.


Brochure Design Services

The perfect brochure should exemplify your brand at a single glance. It should give people everything they need in order to say “YES!” Our design team offers fully custom brochure services with the goal of placing you above the crowd in your industry.

Stationery Design Services

Every single piece of company stationery is a powerful branding opportunity. The act of physically connecting with objects that bear your company logo and messaging leaves an impression that digital design simply cannot match. This is why smart businesses have been investing in professional stationery design services for generations.


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Our Brand Identity Services


Business cards


Flyer layouts

Bill stuffers


Print graphics

Digital designs

E-book layouts

Product catalogs

Vehicle graphics for your company fleet

Brochure and Promotional Material

Corporate Identity Design

Explainer Video

Corporate Presentations

Custom Illustrations

Our Design Process

A stunning, instantly-recognizable logo does not just appear out of thin air. Executing a prestigious logo requires an intelligent creative process that keeps the client at the very center. Over the years, we have learned that our best designs are a result of a straightforward game plan where the client is in the driver’s seat. This process involves:
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    Our creative design process starts with a friendly conversation. During this chat, we will talk about what exactly you are looking for in terms of color schemes, form factors, personality, font, and so on.

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    Creating the Outline

    Once we have a general sense of direction, we will dive deeper into the details of how the final execution will pan out. This involves hefty brainstorming sessions, critically discussing the possible concepts, and clearing up any questions you may have.

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    This is when we put all our ideas and interpretations into motion. This part of our process involves well-informed conceptualizing, designing, refining, and of course, lots of granular evaluation.

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    Delivering the Design

    Once your design has been thoroughly examined by our creative department, we will send you a number of variations for your review.

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    Revising to Perfection

    No creative department is perfect, no matter what they tell you. If you had something different in mind than what we delivered, our team is happy to rework the logo until it has the “WOW” factor you are looking for.

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