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Product design and development is the process of transforming an idea into the kind of great product that consumers expect. Your product must resonate with people and create a memorable, positive user experience. The market has high standards, and so do our designers! Working with talented product designers or design firms is an essential part of a successful business strategy. We make it easier than ever to connect with a top-ranking product designer.EmphoSysoffers a full range of product development services for both corporate and individual clients. Our services include industrial product design, creative packaging design, and product development. We offer everything from initial concept design and 3D modeling to prototyping and manufacturing, makingEmphoSysyour one-stop-shop for CAD services. We've reinvented product design. The world-class designers, engineers, and manufacturers in our global network can work with you to complete any phase of the product design process. Our flexible services are tailored to satisfy the demands of your specific project, budget, and timeline. We work with both corporate clients and individual inventors and can turn your product from a vision or sketch into full production. Or, you can take advantage of our roster of EmphoSys to hire the help you need when you need it.

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When it comes to building great products, design is the most important “feature.” EmphoSys product designers deliver innovative UX for web and mobile products.


Human Centered Design

By understanding the user and their needs, human-centered design allows your to develop tailor made solutions by involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process.


Iterative Design

Continuous cycling through prototyping, testing, and refining, allows designers to produce a highly customizable product, establishing clarity early in development and giving stakeholders visibility of progress.


Cross-Platform Experience

The modern consumer is constantly switching between devices to engage with services on the move. Designing a cross-platform experience is paramount in delivering a seamless experience across multiple devices.

  • Gadget designs
  • Jewelry design services
  • Electronic product design services
  • New invention design services
  • Prototype design services
  • Toys and games product design services
  • Fashion design and modeling services

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Comprehensive product design and development services

While 3D printing and other technological advancements in CAD design and manufacturing have changed the game, there are core fundamentals of the product design process that will always stay the same. Product design and development is often a non-linear process involving many revisions, reimaginings, and recalibrations. Even so, an effective product design process is characterized by three core phases: Analysis, conception, and implementation. These stages are not wholly distinct, as the designer will move back and forth between them continually during the design process.

The product begins to take shape. The problems identified during the analysis phase become the design goals that the product will need to satisfy to succeed in the market. The niche into which the product will fit is clarified, and focus is given to the design project. This phase represents the shift from identifying the problems to be solved to thinking about the product that will solve them.


This phase takes place in tandem with the conception phase. Brainstorming is the method, and innovation is the goal. The idea is to come up with a limited selection of feasible and appropriate solutions. It now becomes possible to develop a plan for the actual creation of the product. Prototypes can now be generated and compared, materials selected, and the contesting solutions can be evaluated to determine the ideal implementation.


This is the initial stage where the goal is to first define what problem needs to be solved by the new design and then to determine the most efficient route to solve that problem. This is a critical stage in the design process. The design problem becomes the selling point of the product and the value proposition you have to offer customers down the road. The product design and development process is fundamentally centered around the task of providing an elegant solution to a real-world problem. This is the phase of the design cycle when preliminary research is undertaken to identify the problem and channel the direction of product development.

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