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Well-designed business presentation slides, with good design layouts can be brilliant. We are here to make your presentation awesome. If you’ve ever struggled to create interesting slides or worry your slides are too wordy or you have too many of them, give the slides to us.We will make the presentation slides awesome with our professional experience.

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The problem

Too much ugly text on slides and screens is a problem for audiences and learners alike. You just can't read and listen at the same time.

The solution?

Beautiful compelling visuals, with a clear structure, help your audiences and learners to understand and remember your content.

Why EmphoSys ?

EmphoSys giving business presentation design services all over the world. We’ve all suffered through horrible presentations with bad designs and contents, low quality clip art, images delivered by a presenter who turns completely away from the audience. However bad slides, delivered badly will make your audience regret their second serving at the buffet.


We are the team who makes people get amazed with business presentation design services

We are doing Business presentation design services to win the audience. So that we are preparing presentation by doing research, planning and design professionally, so our client can deliver the right message to the target audience effectively. The design corrections are made with points that are illustrated, and visually stand-out, without overwhelming your audience or unnecessarily complicating the message. We’ll look at designing your presentation, how to revamp it in PowerPoint, as well as how to do delivery successfully. In addition, final output is coming with multiple quality checking process so you can sidestep any big mistakes.

Upgraded to future, vertical video presentations

Latest trend has arrived. Vertical video presentations. This design trend is actually more popular than you may think, as research reveals that the majority of video content is shot vertically instead of in landscape orientation anyway. Vertical video, a new design movement on our smartphones. People don’t naturally hold their phone sideways. Books and documents are presented in portrait because it’s more comfortable on our eyes while reading. The layouts of a smartphone like the home screen, menus, and web pages are designed to be navigated while the phone is vertical. We hold our smart phone vertically 94% of the time. So forcing a viewer to flip their phone on their side can be irritating.


Adopting simple design styles to make the PowerPoint presentation better

Adopting simple design styles to make the PowerPoint presentation better A distracted slide causes confusion for an audience about “main focus area” and “attention part to the presenter”. EmphoSys keeping in mind that a simple, visually appealing slide will engage the audience, keeping them on track with the main points. So we focus on the main points, that should be highlighted. Our 6 years of professional experience will help to identify the core points and important contents. Simple and flat design style will bring the professional look and feel to the presentation. The slide make over with this simple and professional presentation design helped to get positive feedback from our clients.

Tell your story with amazing visual story telling design style

Great storytellers will get people to take action. We will start designing with focal point of the presentation. Concentrate on presentation needs, vision, goal, etc. Identifying the characters in topic is one of the best storytelling techniques for business presentations. The creative timeline and info graphics will give extra advantage for story telling slides. We are using typography, Images, animations, info graphics, illustrations and videos to explain your story to a target audience.


Our Professional experience is your business advantage

Grow your business with professional presentation designs. Presentation design is not most people’s favourite thing to do, but in professional world, unfortunately PowerPoint presentation design has a significant part . We will help you with Sales, financial, conferences, fund raising & business presentation design services. Our team of innovators and presentation designers in tech and design bring skills above and beyond the ordinary to every project. Our professional PowerPoint presentation design team and creative designer teams are involved in professional and corporate presentation design services. We are committed to using fact-based knowledge and our unique brand of innovation to help you dominate the competition. Every project is customized for optimum visibility and audience response.

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