Mobile Application Design

With industry accolades for their design, the mobile solutions we create combine function and aesthetic to give your users an experience that keeps them coming back for more and helps you build better, lasting relationships with your customers.

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We don’t just create mobile software, we also wrap it in a sleek, responsive and user-friendly design created by our talented UI/UX experts

Our Mobile Application Design Process, Explained

Mobile Design Services

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Design Workshop

Get the users’ attention quickly by creating a human-centric design that addresses specific needs, goals, and thoughts of the users. Our designers make sure the enterprise mobility solutions meet your objectives and covey the advantages of your products or services to the target audience by working around.

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App UI Design

Resonate with your customers and reinforce your brand by creating an intuitive app UI design where visitors feel emotionally connected. To appeal to human senses, we create subtle yet elegant, stylish and beautiful interface.

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Usability Testing

To deliver effective and efficient enterprise mobility solutions, we apply usability testing on mobile app where our UX experts observe the problems encountered by the users as well as their experience confusion.

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UX Design

UX design for mobile apps is aimed at helping users accomplish functional tasks. Our user-centric approach focuses on enhancing satisfaction by improving usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in interaction with the product.

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User Research & Strategy

App design decisions should be based on the needs and desires of your target users. In order to discover what these needs and wants are, we dive deep into understanding your potential users, competitor products, and what users like/dislike about them.

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User Personas

User personas take user research and translate it into a profile that imitates a real customer. Our team takes data derived from user behaviours, attitudes, pain points, and needs and wants to create profiles off which app design decisions are made.

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User Stories & Flows

User stories and flows work to map the user's journey while interacting with your product. We answer questions like How is the product going to be discovered? What does the user need to do to start using it? and How will the user know what to do?

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Wireframes & Prototyping

Wireframes and prototypes are used to prepare the solution for user validation, which give insights into how the solution needs to be modified to meet user needs and behaviours. Relevant feedback and insights are used to enhance the original prototypes.

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User Interface Design

UI design is focused on creating compelling interfaces which the user interacts with. This is the final polish, focusing on how visual elements are laid out and how the product will look. Our team focuses on clarity, familiarity, responsiveness, consistency, and aesthetics.

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iOS App Design

Be it iPhone, iPad or Apple watch, our mobile app designers will design to scale. With proven design strategy and latest technologies, we design your iOS app that adapts to any size screen. Moreover, our iOS app designs will help you get out of your way to win over the competitors.

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Android App Design

Whether it is enterprise, e-learning or any other app, we are known for providing compelling designs for the Android apps. At Pixlogix, we conceptualize, design, develop, and deploy apps that fit into your business requirements using Android mobile application development services…

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Social Media App Design

We carve social networking apps for users of different platforms while harnessing the benefits of social media for your business. Our team helps you connect and communicate effectively with your target audience using engaging social media app designs…

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Hybrid App Design

Forget about designing specifically for any platform! With our hybrid mobile app designs, your mobile app will work seamlessly on any device without hampering the user experience. All you need to do is to share your design idea with us and we will take care of rest of the things!

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Application Redesign

Not happy with your existing mobile app UI? Want to revamp the look ‘n’ feel to make your mobile app fast, easy to use, delightful? Being a custom mobile application design company, we have creative heads helping you facelift your app with user-friendly design…

Today’s consumers expect mobile apps to be fast, easy to use, and delightful. Help your business succeed with a mobile app design company such as EmphoSys and work with mobile app designers for iOS, Android, and cross-platform needs.

Reasons to Help You Make a Decision

With profound expertise in custom mobile application design, our team ensures delivering highly scalable and usable designs for your mobile app. Moreover, mobile apps designed by Pixlogix drive your business, build uninterrupted engagement, and boost up your revenue!


Interactive User Experience

Transform your conventional app into a revenue-generating tool with our custom mobile application design. With a manual gesture, a fluid touch gesture, and interactive UIs, we increase user engagement for your mobile app. Just share your idea with us, we’ll make it an engaging reality!


Improved Brand Identity

As a leading mobile app design agency, we are designing amazing mobile apps that appeal end-users in a meaningful way! We help your target audience connected with your brand and convert visitors into your valuable clients. Moreover, we help you boost up your brand identity…


Increased Conversion Rate

With an intuitive design and compelling features, we encourage your target audience to interact with your app for a longer. We incorporate smart navigation, high-end UX, and a bundle of user-friendly features, we make sure your users keep using your app…


Responsive to resize

No matter for which devices you wish to design an app, our custom mobile application design ensures it works smoothly on the screens of all size! We design objects that are resizable, scalable, and easily movable to cater to all size of devices…


ROI Driven Apps

With the concept of collaborative development, we work alongside you to map the best possible app design for your business. Our mobile app design services USA ensures all your requirements and objectives are met to deliver higher ROI for your business…


SLA & NDA For You

We understand how important it is to complete things on time and thus, we have defined strict SLAs to address all your concerns. Furthermore, we are ensuring all the information shared by you is secure by signing NDA for every project we take up.

Business Verticals We Cater

No matter what is your business domain, our collaborative designing process engages you and your team in each step of web layout design to ensure that your website is something that reflects your business while lifting you up.

Specialized in developing out-of-the-box e-healthcare solutions with compelling and engaging layouts reflecting your business that reflects emotions, spirituality, and physical well-being…

Retail & eCommerce

Be it a supply chain, retail business or a giant B2B solution, our designers will bring fantastic visual appearance and enable brand identity to help you cope with the increasing competition…

Travel & Tourism

Helps you boost up your ROI while reducing the overall operation costs to manage the critical business operations with intuitive designs, innovative features, and amazing user experience…

Professional Business

Our designing services will help you gear up customer services while ensuring 100% cybersecurity for constant leadership and increased operational efficiency for all your professional operations…


With the years of experience, we transform conventional learning experience into digital requires engaging and student-friendly GUI to help them feel interactive and more useful…

Media & Entertainment

Our customized layouts will bring together all the required media components at one place in a user-friendly manner to ensure it serves the purpose of entertainment for your audience…


Whether you are engaged in planning a small event or a giant cultural program, your website should reflect your work and our designs can help you give a clear and crisp design for your event organization...

Food & Restaurants

Are you into on-demand food delivery business? Or you are having your restaurant chain? We help you give a brand identity to your conventional food and restaurant business with our designs…

Real Estate

The real estate industry is one of the most competitive industries, which is why it is crucial for individuals to stand out differently! We’re here to help you resonate with customers in the industry…

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