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Since the inception of ExpressionEngine, it has proven itself as one of the most resourceful and pliant content management systems that offer the power of customization, flexibility, clarity, portability, reliability and many more to the users. Fabricated using PHP & MySQL and with continuous editions being rolled out, it enables developers to create robust and stunning websites by simplifying the content creation process and provides exemplary solutions to the clients.

With features like numerous extensions, adaptable control panel, and SEO friendly design & content, EE is considered as a top-to-bottom solutions provider and is ideal for every aspect of web development, and hence well-known enterprises have already switched to ExpressionEngine.

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We offer expert ExpressionEngine development, maintenance and support. We support ExpressionEngine clients over the long-term.

Why ExpressionEngine?

ExpressionEngine is a platform, not a blogging tool. Yes we're talking to you WordPress.
Secure & Stable

ExpressionEngine has a track record for security a thousand times better than WordPress. WordPress sites are constantly getting hacked. You are about to make a recommendation to your organization for a CMS to run the new site, do you really want to go into that meeting and say, "Yeah WordPress is a CMS that gets hacked a lot, but it will be ok don't worry." Or do you want to walk into that meeting and say, "It's my job to deliver a secure website. I recommend ExpressionEngine for this because it has had 0 major vulnerabilities in the 11 years it has been on the market.". Security Features:

  • Session Management
  • Secure Form Processing
  • Captcha
  • Throttling
  • Duplicate Data Denial
  • IP and User Agent Logging
  • Password Lockout
  • Secure Password Mode
  • IP Banning
  • Email Banning
  • Username Restriction
  • Word Censoring
Extensible & Flexible

ExpressionEngine is a platform not a blogging tool. You don't have to compel it to be flexible. You don't have to trick it into being extensible or maleable or configurable. It's not WordPress. It's a platform, a framework in which you create incredible things. By design it supports plugins, modules, extension and field types. Natively it has an open-ended templating architecture that literally gives the developer a blank slate. ExpressionEngine can easily accommodate any design or site structure with a limitless range of development possibilities. ExpressionEngine provides a broad range of web publishing features, along with a wide library of add-ons and customization capabilities for the perfect balance of publishing power and development flexibility.

  • Mobile responsive site? Done.
  • API integrated site? Done.
  • Multiple language site? Done.
  • Adaptable and reconfigurable site over time? Done.
Open Source Innovation Meets Commercial Stability

ExpressionEngine is a commercial product resting on an open-source foundation of code and a well-established international base of developers and users. This dynamic combines the stability of a well-tested and supported product, with a codebase that is open, transparent, and extensible. ExpressionEngine is also one of the most secure and stable CMS platforms on the market, with a strong history of reliability.

Loved & Supported

ExpressionEngine has a large and thriving developer community. It's a community made up not of part-time novices building simple brochures websites on WordPress, but of full time web professionals who are on the hook for building secure, scalable, flexible content publishing systems for organizations with your size, reach and responsibilities. These are seasoned veterans who know what they are doing. And there's a community full of them.

The popularity of ExpressionEngine is substantiated with more than 147913 websites being developed in it. With its versatility and the ease of use, ExpressionEngine is quickly becoming a popular CMS for medium to large scaled businesses alike.

How EmphoSys can help with ExpressionEngine 5.x?

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    Website development using ExpressionEngine

    Your tools are the only thing holding you back. ExpressionEngine 5 delivers your message with the most flexible, secure content management system on the planet, without requiring complex programming skills.

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    Third party addon integration

    Integrate third-party addons for seamless utilities of multiple functions.

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    Customize third party modules to match specific requirements.

    Rendering customized third party solutions to cater to the bespoke requisites of our clients.

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    ExpressionEngine customization and updates.

    Hands-on update on-site using easy to manage tools of ExpressionEngine.

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    Custom modules, extensions and field-types development.

    Create bespoke modules and extensions to achieve custom requisites of clients.

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    Support and maintenance services for EE1, EE2, EE3, EE4 and EE5.

    Offering hands-on support and maintenance for your ExpressionEngine Website

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    E-commerce integration in ExpressionEngine.

    Integrate your eCommerce store in ExpressionEngine Website and utilize the perks of a fully functional eCommerce store.

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    Multi language integration ExpressionEngine site compression and optimization.

    Give your website a global presence with the multilingual support of the website using ExpressionEngine.

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    Upgrade ExpressionEngine from any version to latest EE5.

    Upgrade your legacy systems to the ExpressionEngine Powered Technology.

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    Hire ExpressionEngine Developers.

    Need skilled ExpressionEngine developers? We have proficient developers acing the technology.