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The growing complexities in the business field have led to the introduction of systems which can be helpful in various ways. Bitrix is a software services which is equipped with features and tools to enhance the business experience of a team and the company, on the whole. The system has a suite of tools which are communicative and management oriented to facilitate business activities.

Bitrix is a free collaboration suite. Bitrix 24 allows the managers to manage, organize, and implement their daily chores in a professional and fastidious manner. Accuracy of the highest level is easily established with the help of the system. It has the power to keep the clients and the employees of the company in the sale page which definitely promotes business efficiency.

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We offer Bitrix Development because we believe that business paradigms are shifting and evolution is the essence which should not be ignored.

Features of Bitrix Development :

Here are some of the salient features of Bitrix

  • Calendars for entire company. Use the convenient reminder features on events and tasks.
  • Work with documents with Google Docs, MS Office or your favorite office suite
  • Round the clock technical support 24/7 hours.
  • Online storage, file sharing and multiuser editing for groups. Ability to synchronize data
  • Unlimited space for your company email with antivirus and antispam included
  • Affordable and easy to use interface

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here You will find answers to the question we get asked the most:

What is bitrix24 CRM?

Bitrix24 is a comprehensive free CRM system available both online and as self hosted software that can be installed on your own server. If you go for this option, you'll get access to open source code as well.

What is the use of bitrix24?

Is bitrix24 free?

Is bitrix24 secure?