Virtual Assistant

Modern technology is helping businesses achieve their goals in effective and innovative ways. One of the ways companies are getting work done more efficiently is by virtual assistants to take care of administrative or ongoing IT issues. Our virtual assistant can connect you with support for anything from managing your IT. Businesses can outsource tasks to virtual assistants in order to get more work done, quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Virtual assistant provides a highly scalable way to automate IT support and services for both customers and staff, without compromising the quality of interaction. The human operator-like capability reduces friction inherent in traditional text entry-based search while enabling organizations to address massive volumes of diverse inquiries in an efficient and consistent manner, which results in significant cost savings, shorter response time, and improved customer satisfaction.

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powerhouse of innovative consulting solutions that offers you the freedom to focus on your goals with an assurance that your business function will have professional support.



We are a fast-paced business support company that has grown organically and has adapted with evolving technology. Our innovative solutions enable businesses achieve their objectives.



Our consulting services gives you access to the vast experience of our team that has the right mix of regional knowledge as well as the best-in-class functional expertise.


Ethical & Confidential

We place Ethics & Confidentiality high up on our values. At EmphoSys we take your business seriously and understand that upholding confidentiality is of utmost importance.



A virtual assistant is an extra hand. They take care of some activities in your to-do list, which results in more productive time and less work stress.


Saves You Time

Other areas of your life should not be neglected because you are running a business. Some jobs can be delegated to a virtual assistant so that you can have time for other better things.


Hassle Free

Virtual Assistants are designed to help businesses without investing in equipment, taxes, and payrolls and you don’t even need to pay for the entire month. Pay only for the time you use their services.


Executive Assistants

If you are looking for your teams to be supported on non-core business areas such as travel management, calendar management, expenses and such, our team is your partner of choice. With all team members we support large enterprises as well as medium sized businesses seamlessly.

    Legal Executive Assistants

    Virtual Legal assistant services are specially tailored to alleviate the legal fraternity from the time spent on non-fee earning tasks. With specialists on team we offer a range of services and levels of support that benefit large organisations and medium sized businesses.


      Personnel Management Consulting

      Our Personnel Management Consulting offers a full suite of services for implementation and management of key projects, organisational change, employee training, organisational development, payroll and much more.

        Education Assistants

        Power up the service levels at the most important touch-points in your schools or nurseries. Our Virtual Education Assistance service supports the school administration office with full range of administrative tasks with cost-effective solutions. By freeing up the Registrar of the repetitive and time consuming tasks, our innovative solution allows them to focus on the core job of bringing in new students and attending to the existing ones with an improved service experience.


          Let us help you build a modern digital business to overcome traditional culture and succeed in the age of digital transformation.