Natural Language Processing (NLP) Services

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is fast becoming an essential skill for modern-day organizations to gain a competitive edge. It has become an essential tool for many new business functions, from chatbots, intelligent search, and question answering systems to sentiment analysis, medical insights, compliance monitoring, recruiting, threat detection, document understanding, and BI and analytics on unstructured and semi-structured content. Consider all the unstructured content that can bring significant insights – queries, email communications, social media, videos, customer reviews, customer support requests, etc. Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools and techniques help process, analyze, and understand unstructured “big data” in order to operate effectively and proactively. Our Natural Language Processing services support a range of business applications, from data acquisition and processing to analytics, entity extraction, fact extraction, and question answering systems (think of a digital assistant built uniquely for your enterprise).

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Data Acquisition


Raw Language Processing


Query Understanding


Statistical Language Processing

  • Entity extraction – such as companies, people, dollar amounts, key initiatives, etc.
  • Content categorization – positive or negative (e.g. sentiment analysis); by function, intention or purpose; or by industry or other categories for analytics and trending
  • Content clustering – to identify main topics of discourse and/or to discover new topics
  • Fact extraction – to fill databases with structured information for analysis, visualization, trending, and alerting
  • Relationship extraction – to fill out graph databases to explore real-world relationships

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In many NLP projects, statistical techniques can provide a general understanding of the document as a whole. Example statistical processing use cases with which we’ve worked include:




Topic analysis

Word clouds


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