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In an environment where users expect faster, more relevant search results, you need to ensure that your search algorithm is being trained on a regular basis with high-quality data sets. To scale to a global user base, you also need experienced local users who can evaluate query results with the right level of cultural understanding. We can helping to improve search algorithms for users worldwide, we can dramatically improve your search relevance and user satisfaction.

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Better search relevance requires better data

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Search Relevancy Improvement Services

This service typically comprises:
Onsite investigation:

A search expert will conduct an independent, on-site audit of the current status and configuration of the search application, including a review of the data landscape and end user requirements

Architect review:

The information gathered will be reviewed with a senior search architect, and a customer call will be conducted to present and discuss initial findings

Detailed report:

A detailed Assessment Report will be provided, complete with issue analysis, recommendations and a suggested action plan

earch engine scoring:

A process of continuously enriching, testing, and scoring your search application's performance to ensure long-term relevancy and agility.

Implementation strategy:

Search Technologies will present a project plan addressing the issues and business objectives identified. This plan can be executed by the customer's in-house team or by Search Technologies

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