Intent Classification

AI assistants have to fulfill two tasks: understanding the user and giving the correct responses. The EmphoSys Stack tackles these tasks with the natural language understanding component EmphoSys NLU and the dialogue management component EmphoSys Core. Based on our work with the EmphoSys community and customers from all over the world, we are now sharing our best practices and recommendations how to custom-tailor EmphoSys NLU for your individual contextual AI assistant. To be able to give you deep insights in every component we decided to split this in a series of three consecutive blog posts:

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Inherently linked to Natural Language Processing (NLP), intent classification automatically finds purpose and goals in text

Why Is It Useful?

Intent classification allows businesses to be more customer-centric, especially in areas such as customer support and sales. From responding to leads faster, to dealing with large amounts of queries and offering a personalized service, intent classification can be a key element in your business. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits:


Even when companies are inundated with data, intent classifiers are able to pinpoint potential customers who have expressed interest and direct these specific queries to the sales teams. Machines work faster than humans, non-stop, and they don’t grow tired – so even as workloads increase, they’ll never miss a potential sale!


Consistent Criteria

Machines are consistent in the way they operate, processing data using the same parameters and criteria for every single instance. The consistency in criteria ensures that all the customer intents are analyzed under the same circumstances, applying the same standards, protocols, algorithms, etc. This greatly reduces errors and improves data accuracy.

Increase Conversion Rates in Sales Campaigns

As you deploy a marketing campaign and start receiving customer interactions, you can use intent classifiers to identify potential customers that show a ‘high intent’ of purchasing and contact them immediately. Thus, your conversion rates skyrocket.


Get Analytics From Sales Campaigns

With clear intents identified automatically in your sales and marketing campaigns, you could easily create reports based on factual data about conversion rates, interested buyers, upsell opportunities, and much more.

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