Computer Vision Development Services

Develop and integrate the vision-embedded system into your business to detect anomalies, identify images, recognize faces, understand sentiment and intent of the user and offer relevant suggestion and services to enhance the experience. With Computer Vision Application Development Services, derive insights and meaningful information by tapping into the neural networks of computer vision and add fast processing intelligence across the business verticals. Extract the desired information, quickly analyze resources, automate visual inspection and classify information extracted from images or videos.

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Automate, extract, retrieve insights from images or videos

Use cases of computer vision

Draw insights from images, sounds and even moods/sentiments of customers.

Let us help you build a modern digital business to overcome traditional culture and succeed in the age of digital transformation.

Optimize your systems with computer vision services

Leverage real-time data from your visual systems to derive smart business insights.

Custom Computer Vision Development Services

We develop applications with Computer Vision capabilities to enable object classification, feature recognition, segmentation, pattern recognition, object detection, filtering.

OpenCV development Services

From facial recognition, Optical character recognition, image-to-image translation, gesture recognition, mobile robotics, motion tracking and understanding, image labeling, segmentation, and object recognition using Eigen methods and HMM, etc., we empower you to become a predictive company.

Our technical expertise and offerings lies in:

  • Visual representation learning
  • Image restoration and reconstruction
  • Gesture recognition
  • Real-time video analysis
  • ID document analysis
  • Real-time object identification
  • Cybersecurity applications development
  • Image recognition using deep learning
  • Deep neural network solutions
  • Content-based image retrieval
  • Facial Sentiment analysis

TensorFlow Development Services

With minimal coding, TensorFlow makes it easy to deploy algorithms and integration into the system to offer high-performance capabilities. With our experienced development team, Oodles makes it easier to build mobile and web-based applications, adopt agile technologies and simplify your business process.

Our technical expertise and offerings lies in:

  • Create accurate ML models for smart object detection
  • Easily train a model with quantization
  • Export to a TensorFlow lite model ready to be deployed
  • Build systems that learn from complex or large-scale datasets
  • Create powerful image processing applications

Cloud Computer Vision Integration

Apply cognitive services within an application to add intelligence and power to your business with in-built API feature for language, speech, vision, search to provide easy interaction. Our developers with their advanced algorithms give your business access to decode users’ intent, unlock hidden text and video insights and more.

Azure Computer Vision

Azure computer vision model smartly identify and integrate speech to text and text to speech processing capabilities into your apps and service to speak natural language with users. With us, develop algorithms based on your business needs to categorize content, discover brands, identify domain-specific content, detect faces, unique color, features and more.

AWS Computer Vision

AWS Computer Vision locates the sought out feature in images with greater precision and analyzes visual content to detect an object, emotion, spot faces in videos, images and to filter out inappropriate content.

  • Deep Video Analytics and Image Analytics

Together with our deep learning and engineering expertise, mine from the rich data-set and convert unstructured data into structured one to generate valuable insights. Extract data and analyze real-time information for your business to make an informed decision.

Embed ai-powered vision into your business

Here’s how businesses are using computer vision services to simplify complex business processes.
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Manufacturing Process Control

ntegrating image processing software in manufacturing industries to accelerate their business performance and operational efficiency.

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Smart Video Surveillance System

Detecting real-time unusual and threatening activities and provide a secure surveillance system at home and in office.

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Automated Video Inspection

Inspecting, sorting and managing the quality of product and services and control defects.

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Content Management and Analysis

Extracting metadata, classifying images and organising content to boost productivity.

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Autonomous Driving

Integrating advanced algorithm, perception, and sensing to meet accurate GPS and autonomous driving system.

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Medical Imaging

Identifying life-threatening signs, abnormalities with 3D detection and posing.

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