Image Processing

Transforming the way businesses represent themselves online is only possible if digitalization is done with perfection. To help you in this, we creatively use technology advancements for better image and image data processing. EmphoSys’ innovative services are driven by passion, a trait that sets us apart from the rest. We utilize our vast knowledge of technology to uncover the potential of your business. From the refinement of product images for online catalogs to software for facial recognition and data extraction, EmphoSys is your trusted partner. As a technology-driven organization, we serve enterprises with solutions that automatically process the image, manipulate it and then interpret deep insights from it. Whether you are a daily internet user, a business with an online presence or a technology-driven organization, EmphoSys is capable of developing solutions for every situation.

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As the premier image processing services provider, we utilize to the most advanced image processing solutions available to handle the image processing from the first step to the last.


We offer secure image acquisition, storage, and transmission. We use the techniques of digitization, compression and encoding/decoding to ensure quick and secure use of images


Skilled in image enhancement and restoration, we assist enterprises by highlighting valuable information in the images


With computer vision, we ensure that your solutions are capable of understanding and recognizing the images


Data extraction from the image

Advancement of our services

EmphoSys uses multiple cutting-edge tools and techniques to deliver the best image processing solutions:

Feature extraction with pattern detection

Filtering of objects or removing background

Image comparison for change detection

3D visualization


Let us help you build a modern digital business to overcome traditional culture and succeed in the age of digital transformation.

Computer Vision Technologies And Image Processing Services

Our customers use our expertise in computer vision and image processing technologies for development of medium to large scales solutions for image and video indexing, image and video matching, video summarization, TV / Radio broadcast monitoring, content filtering, and video mining. Working in synergy with our clients we have turned ideas of various complexities into high-value computer vision products and services in following areas:
Image/video Search And Retrieval

Enables content-aware search and retrieval in large image and video repositories.

Content Filtering

Enables quick sorting of huge repositories of image and video data in order to get to the most relevant subset.

Video Indexing

Enables rapid retrieval of images or videos based on their visual content.

Video Mining

Enables identification of trends, patterns, similarities, dissimilarities, geo-graphical distribution, anomalies or other relevant associations in image and video metadata.

Video Browsing

Enables discovery of entities of interest (faces, named entities, key moments) within a video.

Video Monitoring

Enables monitoring of specific objects, activities or events in video feeds of public places.

Machine vision technology

There is a permanent demand for the technology to replace human eye. Machine vision is expected to function accurately and smoothly regardless of outer influences. EmphoSys can offer our image processing system with confidence, because it is created based on a long-term experience and the know-how. Thus it is unique, and no other companies can compete.

Image search, Image recognition technology

With sophisticated image recognition technology, elements on picture can be automatically analyzed. Keywords are not necessary for search, and your target image can be hit from large number of pictures. Basis of this technology belongs to NTT Cyber-space, and EmphoSys applies new technology on it and provides powerful functionality.

Medical image analytic technology

Another applied technology is medical image analytic technology. For DICOM, image infrastructure in medical field, EmphoSys offer a rich line-up, DICOM Server, Gateway (For Worklist Server), MWM Server, Medical report software tie-up DICOM DLL and etc. Middle size medical organizations are our main customer, since EmphoSys's products are low-cost. Yet because some medical image machines are delivered with EmphoSys's products, those machines are installed in large enterprises. EmphoSys has dealt with requests from blood-testing companies, universities and research institutes, and now excels in segregation, coefficient and measurement of image objects.

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