Named Entity Recognition:

Named Entity Recognition, also known as entity extraction classifies named entities that are present in a text into pre-defined categories like “individuals”, “companies”, “places”, “organization”, “cities”, “dates”, “product terminologies” etc. It adds a wealth of semantic knowledge to your content and helps you to promptly understand the subject of any given text.

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Named Entity Recognition is a process where an algorithm takes a string of text (sentence or paragraph) as input and identifies relevant nouns (people, places, and organizations) that are mentioned in that string.

Few Use-Cases of Named Entity Recognition

Classifying content for news providers

Named Entity Recognition can automatically scan entire articles and reveal which are the major people, organizations, and places discussed in them. Knowing the relevant tags for each article help in automatically categorizing the articles in defined hierarchies and enable smooth content discovery.

Efficient Search Algorithms

If for every search query the algorithm ends up searching all the words in millions of articles, the process will take a lot of time. Instead, if Named Entity Recognition can be run once on all the articles and the relevant entities (tags) associated with each of those articles are stored separately, this could speed up the search process considerably. With this approach, a search term will be matched with only the small list of entities discussed in each article leading to faster search execution.

Customer Support

Say you are handling the customer support department of an electronic store with multiple branches worldwide, you go through a number mentions in your customers’ feedback. Like this for instance Now, if you pass it through the Named Entity Recognition API, it pulls out the entities Bandra (location) and Fitbit (Product). This can be then used to categorize the complaint and assign it to the relevant department within the organization that should be handling this.

Standard Libraries to use Named Entity Recognition

Standford NER



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