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Speech-to-Text services enable enterprise customers and partners to integrate our deep-learning Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technologies into their existing or developing content. By converting spoken language into text, we make it easier to search, discover and analyze audio and video assets – significantly increasing their value. Offered as a cloud API or on-premise service, our ASR technology converts audio to text in both streaming live and batch offline environments with unparalleled accuracy across 35+ languages and dialects. We provide capabilities and expert insights into a wide range of usages, including those involving the government, broadcast media/entertainment, call centers, mobile, business meetings and interviews. AppTek's superior model training is customized to solve your specific language needs with applications that bring superior accuracy over traditional out-of-the-box solutions.

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Focus on communicating instead of note-taking. When you need words captured, speech-to-text translates contact center conversations, voice commands, and other forms of the spoken-word, so you never miss a detail.


Transcribe, index and analyze any audio content from narrowband telephony to wideband broadcast media with pinpoint accuracy to discover new and actionable insights from your existing content.


Generate rich metadata from audio and video assets to unlock hidden value and convert it into searchable and discoverable assets that you can repurpose – over and over again.


Process speech from audio in real-time or via batch, on-premise or a SaaS-enabled cloud – across a broad array of audio channels.


Access industry-leading features including speaker detection and segmentation, punctuation and capitalization with sentence breaks, customized glossaries and more.


Available in over 35+ languages/dialects; our scientists build new language models from scratch on a case-by-case basis.

Key Features

Easy-to-Read Transcriptions

Automatically adds punctuation and formatting so that the output closely matches the quality of manual transcription at a fraction of the time and expense.

Streaming Transcription

You can process audio in batch or in near real-time. Using a secure connection, you can send a live audio stream to the service, and receive a stream of text in response.

Timestamp Generation

Returns a timestamp for each word, so that you can easily find a word or phrase in the original recording or add subtitles to video.

Custom Vocabulary

You can add new words to the base vocabulary to generate more accurate transcriptions for domain-specific words and phrases like product names, technical terminology, or names of individuals.

Recognize Multiple Speakers

Speaker changes are automatically recognized and attributed in the text to capture scenarios like telephone calls, meetings, and television shows accurately.

Channel Identification

Contact centers can submit a single audio files, and the service will identify produce a single transcript annotated by channel labels automatically.

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Speech-to-Text Transcription Features

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Clear and Readable Transcriptions

Deep-learning ASR platform not only generates accurate and contextual transcripts, but adds punctuation, capitalization, number formatting (e.g. 1 vs. one) and more to improve readability and appearance.

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Multi-Speaker Recognition

We identify and segment speaker changes through either separate audio channels or via advanced speaker diarization (the separation of audio streams into homogeneous segments for each speaker) on single audio channels.

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TimeStamp Generation

We index timestamps in parallel with words spoken for fast metadata retrieval of an individual keyword or group of phrases inside audio files.

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Custom Lexicon

Our platform distinguishes domain-specific terminology such as proper names, brands or individual names, and generates customized output.

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Multi-Channel Processing

Acoustic modeling techniques that optimize spatial filtering for single audio input sources or microphone arrays to improve recognition of speakers and sources.

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Noise Adaptation

We update machine-learning models to improve output based on noisy audio environments / recording channels for optimal accuracy in any environment.

Industry Leading ASR Speech-to-Text Across 35+ Languages and Dialects

automatic speech recognition for a diverse set of languages across narrowband (telephony) and wideband (media) audio, supporting both European and non-European dialects. Additionally, we can work with clients to build additional language models, even across low resource languages, on a case-by-case basis.

Arabic (5+ Dialects)

Chinese (Traditional/Simplified)


English (US, UK, AU, CA, IN)

French (CA, FR)




Indonesian Bahasa







Portuguese (BR, PT)


Spanish (US, MX, ES)





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